Spreadsheet Tools

Spreadsheet tools are software applications used to organize and analyze data using a grid of rows and columns. These tools provide users with a range of features such as formula calculations, charting, and conditional formatting to help them make sense of complex data sets and make informed decisions.


Autosheets.ai is a transformative platform that leverages AI to automate and enhance various tasks, offering a suite of tools for content creation and data analysis.


Retable is a powerful, AI-driven data management platform that revolutionizes the way businesses handle their data. It offers advanced data management, easy collaboration, and smart project management features.


Harness the power of GPT-4 with unprecedented convenience using Helper-AI, a versatile tool designed to enhance productivity and streamline digital interfacing.


AskEdith is an AI English-to-SQL translator that empowers non-analysts and business users to work with databases and provides a simple-to-use platform to help data teams be more productive.

Formula Dog

Formula Dog is an AI-powered tool that simplifies data analysis by converting plain English queries into formulas for Excel, SQL, Regex, and VBA.