Speech To Text Tools

Speech-to-text tools are software applications designed to convert spoken language into written text. These tools use speech recognition technology to transcribe audio recordings, live speeches, and other forms of spoken language, making it easier to capture and document information.

iMyFone VoxBox

With advanced artificial intelligence powering its text-to-speech engine, iMyFone VoxBox generates extremely realistic and customizable voices for diverse applications.


EasySub is an innovative online platform that leverages AI technology to provide a seamless solution for generating and editing subtitles in videos and YouTube URLs. It offers impressive transcription accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly operation.


Castmagic revolutionizes podcasting and content creation by using AI technology to transform long-form audio into various content formats, streamlining the post-production process.


Laxis Meeting Assistant is an AI-based tool that automates the transcription of meetings and helps businesses extract critical insights during in-person and online meetings.