Human Resource Tools

Human resource tools are software applications and resources used to manage and optimize human resource functions in organizations. These can include applicant tracking systems, employee onboarding software, performance management tools, and training and development platforms for improving employee skills and knowledge.


Snaphunt, an AI-powered remote talent marketplace, is revolutionizing global hiring by connecting employers with top-tier talent across geographical boundaries.


Superset is revolutionizing the landscape of campus placements and recruitment. As the official university recruitment platform, it provides a comprehensive solution for universities, employers, and students, democratizing access to opportunities.

Qureos Interview Questions Generator

The Qureos Interview Questions Generator is a revolutionary tool in recruitment, creating customized, relevant interview questions and accelerating the hiring process with AI Talent Matching.


Discover SiteExplainer, an AI-powered web app designed to simplify complex websites and provide users with easily digestible summaries of intricate content.


Discover HuddleUp, the innovative super-app designed for HR professionals, managers, and employees to build engaged, high-performing teams in startups and mid-sized businesses.


Discover BlockSurvey, an AI-driven survey tool revolutionizing data collection and privacy protection through its privacy-first platform and comprehensive suite of features.

AI Resume Check

Leverage AI Resume Check to revolutionize your job application process, enhancing your resume and crafting personalized cover letters that stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.


CVViZ is a cloud-based recruiting software that provides recruiters and hiring managers with intelligent automation solutions to streamline the hiring process.


Testlify is an assessment platform that offers a growing library of over 340 tests covering numerous skills from multiple industries, all created by subject matter experts.