Finance and Investing Tools

Finance and investing tools are software applications and resources used to manage personal or business finances and make investment decisions. They can include budgeting software, stock trading platforms, financial news sources, and analytical tools for assessing the performance of investment portfolios.


360Stocks leverages AI to predict stock market movements and enable users to act before prices shift based on real-time news and events.

CoTrader AI

CoTrader AI is a revolutionary trading platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized trading guidance. It's your trading co-pilot, always ready to provide insights and guidance when you need it most.


Pluto is a revolutionary AI-powered investment platform that provides real-time, personalized insights, comprehensive data access, and smart automation, designed to enhance the user's investment journey.


TruAI, a comprehensive solution in the field of artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences, is revolutionizing the way businesses operate by enabling data-driven decision-making.


Receipt-AI is revolutionizing the way we manage receipts by leveraging machine learning and text messaging. This innovative platform saves 95% of your time, making receipt management simple and efficient.


STRATxAI is an investment platform that offers data-driven, algo-trading strategies to automate investing, build portfolios in minutes, and compete using high-quality financial data.