Data Tools

Data tools are software programs designed to help businesses and organizations collect, analyze, and manage large amounts of data. These tools can include data visualization software, data mining tools, and database management systems, among others, and can provide valuable insights that can help inform decision-making and drive business growth. optimizes digital ad campaigns through AI-generated data-driven recommendations tailored to your goals and audiences.


Findly is an innovative AI-powered tool transforming the way businesses interact with their databases. By streamlining data interaction and enhancing decision-making processes, Findly is driving businesses towards a future where data-driven decisions are the norm.


VenturusAI revolutionizes the process of evaluating and developing business ideas by offering comprehensive analysis, target audience insights, and customized strategies, empowering entrepreneurs to achieve success.

Happy Agility

Happy Agility is a revolutionary AI-enabled total experience management platform designed to help businesses create, deploy, and analyze customer and employee surveys, providing actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Mortar AI

Experience the power of Mortar AI, a game-changing Customer Data Platform that revolutionizes data management and marketing, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions and create effective marketing campaigns.

AI Resume Check

Leverage AI Resume Check to revolutionize your job application process, enhancing your resume and crafting personalized cover letters that stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Columns Ai

Columns Ai is a data analysis tool that helps users turn raw data into actionable insights by providing AI-generated query recommendations and producing visual stories that help them understand and communicate their data insights quickly.