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Date Added: 7/14/2023

OurBabyAI is a new AI-powered service that generates realistic images of what your future baby may look like. The service uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to analyze uploaded photos of both parents and create captivating images of your potential future child.

Main features of OurBabyAI:

  • Uses AI to predict baby's appearance
  • Generates images based on parents' photos
  • Delivers results within a day
  • Provides a fun way to visualize a future child

The service aims to provide an entertaining and fascinating glimpse into what your future family addition could look like. OurBabyAI was created by a company in Singapore and promises strong privacy protections and data security.

A flowchart showing the process from uploading parents' photos to receiving AI-generated baby images.
Figure 1: The process flow of how OurBabyAI works

How It Works:

The process of using OurBabyAI is simple and straightforward:

  • Users first upload high-quality passport photos of both parents to the OurBabyAI website. The photos should have a plain white background and clearly show each parent's facial features.
  • The photos are fed into OurBabyAI's advanced artificial intelligence model, which analyzes the facial features, skin tone, hair color, and other attributes of the parents.
  • The AI model uses this data to generate realistic simulations of what a baby with the parents' combined attributes could look like.
  • Within 24 hours of uploading photos, users receive an email containing their AI-generated baby images. The email will include 4 photos of a possible baby girl and 4 photos of a possible baby boy.
  • The delivered images are high-resolution and ready for users to download and use as they wish.

Key points:

  • Upload clear parental photos
  • AI analyzes features
  • Generates and delivers baby images in 24 hrs
  • Total of 8 HD photos (4 boy, 4 girl)

Standout Features:

OurBabyAI has several standout features that set it apart:

  • It uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to generate baby images. The AI model can capture facial features, skin tone, and other attributes with a 90% match rate.
  • The service prioritizes user privacy and data protection. Parents' uploaded photos are deleted from servers after the AI model generates the baby images.
  • User data is stored securely on vetted third-party servers located in the United States.
  • Stripe is used for all financial transactions, so users' credit card information is never stored.
  • The service has received glowing customer reviews about the accuracy and realism of the AI-generated baby photos.
  • OurBabyAI is very affordable compared to similar services, with a one-time payment of $9 for a complete set of photos.
  • The high-resolution downloaded images can be used freely on social media, websites, etc.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed with a refund policy for unsuitable parental photos.
A flowchart showing the standout features of OurBabyAI, including advanced AI technology, strong privacy protections, secure user data storage, positive customer feedback, affordable pricing, downloadable/shareable images, and a refund policy.
Figure 2: The standout features of OurBabyAI.

Key items:

  • Advanced AI technology
  • Strong privacy protections
  • Secure user data storage
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Affordable one-time pricing
  • Downloadable/shareable images
  • Refund policy

How to Use OurBabyAI:

Using OurBabyAI to generate images of your potential future child is easy:

  • First, prepare high-quality passport-style photos of both parents. The photos should have a plain white background and clearly show each parent's facial features.
  • Upload the photos through the order form on the OurBabyAI website, following all instructions provided. There is a 10MB size limit per photo.
  • Make sure to upload the father's photo without facial hair for optimal results. The AI model works best with clean-shaven photos.
  • After uploading, check your spam folder if you don't receive the AI-generated baby photos within a day.
  • You will receive an email with 4 high-res photos of a possible baby girl and 4 photos of a possible baby boy.
  • Download your favorite generated images to share or use as you wish!
A flowchart showing the steps to use OurBabyAI, from uploading high-quality passport photos to downloading the AI-generated baby images.
Figure 3: Steps to use OurBabyAI.

Key steps:

  • Upload high-quality passport photos
  • Follow website instructions
  • Check spam folder for email
  • 8 total photos delivered (4 boy, 4 girl)
  • Download images

Most Asked Questions from Website Users:

OurBabyAI addresses some of its most asked questions:

  • What is included? Users receive a total of 8 high-quality AI-generated photos - 4 of a possible baby girl and 4 of a possible baby boy.
  • What photos work best? High-quality passport photos with a plain white background and clearly visible facial features work best.
  • What happens to my photos? Uploaded photos are used to train the AI model and then deleted from OurBabyAI's servers after the baby images are generated.
  • Where is my data stored? On secure third-party servers located in the United States. Servers are vetted for security.
  • Is it secure? OurBabyAI uses Stripe for all financial transactions so users' credit card information is never stored on servers.
  • Is my privacy protected? Yes, emails are only used for the delivery of photos. OurBabyAI does not share emails or send promotional content.
  • Can I use the photos freely? Yes, high-resolution photos can be used on social media, personal websites, etc.
  • Refund policy? Refunds are offered if unsuitable parental photos are uploaded, before baby image delivery.
What's included?8 total HD photos (4 boy, 4 girl)
Best photo types?Passport style on plain white background
What happens to my photos?Used for AI training then deleted
Data storage?Secure US third-party servers
Payment security?Stripe used so no credit card data stored
Privacy protections?No email sharing or promotions
Can I use the photos freely?Yes, for social media, websites, etc.
Refund policy?Before delivery if bad parental photos

A mind map showing the main features, how it works, standout features, how to use, and FAQs of OurBabyAI.
Figure 4: A simplified mind map of OurBabyAI.


In summary, OurBabyAI provides an innovative AI-powered solution for envisioning your future child.

  • It uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to analyze parental photos and generate realistic baby images.
  • OurBabyAI offers a fun, affordable, and easy way for couples to get a sneak peek at what their baby could look like based on their traits.
  • The service has strong privacy protections in place, securely storing and deleting user data.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the refund policy if unsuitable photos are uploaded.
  • Users praise the realism and accuracy of the AI-generated baby images.
  • The downloadable high-resolution photos can be used freely across social media, websites, and more.

Overall, OurBabyAI delivers an entertaining glimpse into the future using AI innovation while respecting user privacy. The service provides a unique way for couples to visualize their potential future child.

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An image illustrating the different features and benefits of the OurBabyAI platform. The user interacts with OurBabyAI.


  • Entertaining Sneak Peek: It offers an exciting simulated glimpse of a potential future child using innovative artificial intelligence technology.
  • Reflects Both Parents: The AI-generated baby images seamlessly blend facial attributes like eyes, nose, and mouth from mom and dad.
  • Customized Outcomes: The photos are uniquely tailored to the two specific parents, not generic pre-made images.
  • Prioritizes Privacy: Parental photos are automatically deleted after generating each baby image to protect user data.
  • Convenient Process: Uploading parental photos and accessing results is quick and straightforward.


  • No Guarantee of Accuracy: The AI simulation may not perfectly match the actual appearance of the baby.
  • Limited Number of Images: Users only receive a total of 8 AI-generated photos, with 4 for each gender.
  • Requires High-Quality Photos: Crisp, well-lit parental photos are needed for optimal AI facial analysis.
  • Turnaround Time: It can take up to 24 hours after upload to receive the AI-generated baby photos.
  • No Refunds Post-Delivery: Refunds are only offered if unsuitable parental photos are uploaded initially.

Tips for Using OurBabyAI Effectively:

  • Take Photos in Bright, Natural Lighting: Ensure photos have ample, even lighting with no shadows to allow for detailed facial analysis by the AI model.
  • Capture Parents Facing the Camera Directly: Have parents face the camera head-on with eyes open and focused on the lens for optimal results.
  • Submit Recent Photos of Parents: Use current photos that reflect parents' latest facial features rather than old photos for best outcomes.
  • Keep Faces Neutral and Free of Obstructions: Do not smile or emote in photos and keep hair pulled back so all facial features are clearly visible.
  • Edit Photos to Meet Technical Requirements: Review photo resolution, size, background, and quality before uploading to OurBabyAI.

Recommendations to Fully Utilize OurBabyAI:

  • Carefully Analyze All Generated Images: Look at the fine details of lighting, angles, shadows, and expressions to determine your favorite photos.
  • Make Predictions on Accuracy: Have fun guessing which AI baby most closely matches what you envision your future child looking like.
  • Incorporate Photos Creatively: Explore personalized ways to use the photos for pregnancy announcements, baby showers, nursery designs, etc.
  • Provide Constructive Feedback: Give thoughtful feedback on which baby images look most realistic to help advance AI technology.
  • Share Images with Loved Ones: Send the AI baby photos to family and friends to spread excitement about your future child.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Gender Reveal Parties: Display the AI baby photos during creative gender reveal celebrations to envision your future son or daughter.
  • Baby Registries: Upload your favorite AI-generated images to registries so friends and family can get an early glimpse of your future child.
  • Baby Shower Invitations: Include one of the realistic AI-generated baby photos on your baby shower invitations to build excitement.
  • Nursery Planning: Use the AI photos as inspiration for nursery themes, colors, furniture, and designs tailored to your future baby.
  • Social Media Announcements: Share exciting pregnancy or birth announcements on your social media profiles featuring the AI images of your baby.

Key Features:

  • Cutting-Edge AI Technology: Uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to precisely generate stunningly realistic baby images.
  • Seamlessly Blends Parents: The AI-generated photos incorporate a natural blend of both parents' facial features, skin tone, eye color, hair color, and other attributes.
  • Strict Privacy Protections: Parent photos are automatically deleted from servers after the AI baby images are created to protect privacy.
  • Provides Customized Results: The AI baby photos are uniquely tailored to the specific parents, not generic images.
  • High-Resolution Downloadable Photos: The AI-generated baby photos can be downloaded and used freely across platforms.

Main Takeaways:

  • OurBabyAI leverages innovative AI technology to create realistic baby photos based on parents' attributes.
  • Following photography best practices for the input photos leads to better AI baby images.
  • The customized AI photos enable creative personalized uses like baby announcements.
  • Users should thoughtfully analyze all the AI baby photos before selecting favorites.
  • Sharing exciting AI-generated images with loved ones helps build anticipation.

A mind map titled 'OurBabyAI Overview' with various subtopics including 'How It Works', 'Standout Features', 'How to Use OurBabyAI', 'Most Asked Questions from Website Users', 'Wrap-Up', 'Advantages', 'Disadvantages', 'Tips for Using OurBabyAI Effectively', 'Recommendations to Fully Utilize OurBabyAI', 'Potential Use Cases', 'Key Features', 'Main Takeaways', 'Overall Recap', 'Source Reference', 'Additional Resources', 'Affiliate Disclaimer', and 'More FAQ's'.
Figure 5: This mind map provides an overview of OurBabyAI, including its key features, advantages, disadvantages, and potential use cases.

Overall Recap:

OurBabyAI offers an exciting simulated glimpse of a future child using artificial intelligence technology. The service analyzes parental photos and generates images reflecting a blend of both parents' facial attributes.

Key advantages include a fun, customized experience, and strong privacy protections. However, limitations exist like a maximum of 8 photos produced, the need for high-quality input photos, and a 24-hour turnaround time.

Overall, OurBabyAI provides an entertaining simulated peek at a potential baby by leveraging AI to predict appearances based on parental traits. But accuracy is not guaranteed, and expectations should be managed.

Here is a summary table of the key sections from the article:

Section Summary
How It Works Users upload high-quality passport photos of parents. AI analyzes facial features and generates realistic baby images. Users receive 8 photos (4 boy, 4 girl) in 24 hours.
Standout Features Uses advanced AI technology. Prioritizes privacy and data security. Positive customer reviews on accuracy. Affordable one-time pricing. Downloadable HD images. Refund policy.
How to Use Upload suitable high-quality passport photos. Follow instructions. Check email spam folder. Receive and download 8 photos.
FAQs 8 total photos included. Photos used to train AI then deleted. Data stored securely in US. Privacy protected. Can use photos freely. Refunds before delivery.
Tips for Using Take well-lit photos facing camera. Submit recent photos. Keep faces neutral. Meet technical requirements.
Recommendations Analyze details of images. Make accuracy predictions. Incorporate creatively. Provide feedback. Share with loved ones.
Use Cases Gender reveals, registries, invitations, nursery planning, announcements.
Key Features Cutting-edge AI technology. Blends parents' attributes. Privacy protections. Customized results. Downloadable HD photos.

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More FAQ's:

How does OurBabyAI work?

It uses an advanced AI model to analyze facial features in photos of both parents and generate realistic baby images combining their attributes.

What kind of photos should I upload?

High-resolution, well-lit passport-style photos clearly showing facial features work best for optimal AI analysis.

How long does it take to get the photos?

You will receive the AI-generated baby photos via email within 24 hours after uploading suitable parental photos.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with the results?

Refunds are only offered if you initially upload low-quality or unsuitable photos of the parents.