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Date Added: 7/22/2023

Have you ever wanted to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT in any app or program on your computer? Wish you could instantly correct grammar mistakes, improve writing quality, generate creative ideas, translate text, and get AI-powered answers with just a few clicks? Well, now you can with Finito - the magical new Mac app that brings advanced AI into everything you do.

Finito makes it incredibly simple to supercharge your productivity with AI. Instead of having to copy and paste the text back and forth between apps, just select any text and press the Control key to activate Finito's magical AI powers. It really is that easy.

In this article, we'll explore how Finito works, all the ways it can help you, how to customize it to your needs, and when you can get your hands on it. Let's dive in!

How Finito Works - AI Assistance Anywhere:

The great thing about Finito is that it works in any app or program on your Mac. No matter what you're doing - writing emails, creating documents, chatting with friends, browsing the web - Finito lets you harness AI.

Here's how it works:

A flowchart showing the steps of how Finito works, from selecting the text to replacing the original text with the AI version.
Figure 1: Flowchart showing how Finito works
  1. Select any text in the app you're using - whether it's a paragraph you wrote, a sentence needing editing, or content you want to translate. Finito works with text from any source.
  2. Press the Control key on your keyboard. This summons the magical power of Finito.
  3. A pop-up panel appears with Finito's suggested AI commands for the selected text, like: Correct grammar, Improve this writing, Summarize this, Generate ideas, Translate to Spanish, and Answer questions.
  4. Simply choose a command like "Improve this writing", and Finito instantly processes your text through ChatGPT to enhance it.
  5. It then replaces your original text with the improved AI version.

Magical AI Commands:

Finito offers a variety of magical AI commands to choose from:

A flowchart showing the different AI commands that Finito offers, from correcting grammar to answering questions.
Figure 2: Flowchart showing the magical AI commands offered by Finito
  • Correct grammar - Instantly fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues
  • Improve/Shorten/Expand this - Rewrite and enhance the text
  • Summarize this - Create a concise summary
  • Generate ideas - Brainstorm related ideas and content
  • Translate to - Translate selected text to any language
  • Explain this to a child - Rewrite text with simpler vocabulary
  • Answer questions - Ask Finito questions and get AI-generated answers

And you can easily add custom commands tailored to your needs, which we'll explore more in the customization section.

Here are just a few examples of Finito's magical AI powers:

You SelectCommandFinito Generates
A paragraph with grammar/spelling errorsCorrect grammarParagraph with fixes
First draft of blog postImprove this writingRewritten blog content
Technical paragraphExplain this to a childSimple, explanatory version
Content ideaGenerate ideasList of related ideas/topics
Spanish sentenceTranslate to EnglishEnglish translation
Question about ChatGPT's capabilitiesAnswer questionThoughtful AI-generated response

The possibilities are endless! Finito makes it so easy to tap into advanced AI for things like better writing, creative ideation, accurate translations, and informative explanations. No more switching between apps - just use Finito right inside your existing programs and workflows.

Customize Finito to Maximize Your Productivity:

One of Finito's best features is the ability to fully customize it to your needs and preferences. You can add your own commands, shortcuts, and integrations to make AI work for you.

A flowchart showing the different ways to customize Finito, from creating commands to autofilling repetitive phrases.
Figure 3: Flowchart showing how to customize Finito

Here are some ways to customize Finito:

  • Create commands like "Write SEO headlines", and "Analyze this data"
  • Set up shortcuts to insert boilerplate text
  • Integrate with apps like Google Docs, Trello, Photoshop
  • Adjust text size, font, and colors to your liking
  • Turn commands on/off
  • Require confirmation before replacing text
  • Autofill repetitive phrases you use often

The options are endless. Pro tip: Start by thinking about repetitive tasks where AI could help, and turn those into custom Finito commands.

For example, if you often need SEO-optimized headlines, make a "Write headlines" command. If you send the same type of daily update email, set up a shortcut to autofill it. Build the AI assistant of your dreams!

Currently Mac Only - But More Platforms Coming Soon:

For now, Finito is exclusively available on Mac operating systems and requires macOS 12 or higher. But Windows, iOS, and Android versions are all in active development and coming soon!

The team behind Finito wants to bring effortless AI integration to as many platforms as possible. No matter what device you use, you'll be able to summon AI with just a quick keyboard stroke.

Sign up on the Finito website for updates on when new versions launch. Be one of the first to get Finito on your preferred platform.


Finito provides an easy yet powerful way to harness AI technology like ChatGPT directly inside your normal applications and workflows. Instead of tedious copying and pasting, just select text and call Finito for instant AI-powered results.

With Finito, you can:

  • Save time by automating repetitive writing, research, translations
  • Increase productivity by using AI to generate ideas, content
  • Improve writing quality through corrections, rewrites, editing
  • Learn new things by asking AI questions on any topic
  • Customize with your own commands, shortcuts, integrations

Whether you're a writer, developer, student, researcher, or knowledge worker, Finito helps you do more in less time. Stop tabbing back and forth between apps - bring the magic of AI directly to you with this game-changing Mac productivity tool.

A mind map showing the different aspects of Finito, from how it works to its availability on different platforms.
Figure 4: Mind map providing an overview of Finito
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An image illustrating the different features and benefits of the Finito platform. The user interacts with Finito.


  • Works in Any App: Finito seamlessly integrates AI into any app or program on your Mac, allowing you to leverage AI without switching contexts.
  • Easy to Use: With just a text selection and keyboard shortcut, Finito provides quick access to AI capabilities for increased efficiency.
  • Customizable: You can create personalized commands, shortcuts, and integrations tailored to your needs and workflows.
  • Timesaving: Automate repetitive tasks and content generation with AI to save time.
  • Improves Writing: Instantly fix grammar, rewrite text, and expand ideas using AI.


  • Mac Only Currently: Finito is presently limited to macOS, restricting use for Windows, iOS, and Android users.
  • AI Limitations: Results are dependent on current AI limitations in areas like bias, accuracy, and comprehension.
  • Potential Overreliance: Heavy use could lead to an overreliance on AI instead of developing skills/knowledge.

Tips for Using Finito Effectively:

  • Start Small: Begin with minor AI uses like grammar correction and small rewrites to learn capabilities.
  • Customize: Create commands and shortcuts for your most common needs to maximize value.
  • Confirm Changes: Review AI suggestions before accepting to ensure accuracy and intent.
  • Balance AI/Manual Work: Use AI to augment (not replace) your skills for ideal outcomes.
  • Provide Context: Select enough text to give AI proper context before generating suggestions.

Recommendations to Fully Utilize Finito:

  • Explore Possibilities: Try a wide variety of commands to see all it can do before customizing.
  • Personalize: Add custom phrases, boilerplate text, and other shortcuts you regularly use.
  • Integrate Apps: Connect to apps like Google Docs and Photoshop to broaden usefulness.
  • Adjust Settings: Customize text size, font, and color palette to optimize user experience.
  • Share Feedback: Provide feedback to developers so they can enhance Finito's capabilities.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Writing and Editing: From emails to blog posts, quickly improve any writing with grammar fixes, rewrites, and more.
  • Research: Ask questions and generate ideas to accelerate research and content development.
  • Translation: Instantly translate selected text into other languages.
  • Programming: Generate code suggestions, documentation, and comments.
  • Education: Rewrite text for different comprehension levels to enhance lectures and study materials.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Works across applications and websites for system-wide AI.
  • ChatGPT Integration: Leverages ChatGPT capabilities for advanced text generation.
  • Keyboard Shortcut: Activates Finito's AI panel with a simple Control keystroke.
  • Custom Commands: Create personalized commands tailored to your use cases.
  • Text Replacement: Automatically replaces the selected text with an AI-enhanced version.

Main Takeaways:

  • Finito makes advanced AI highly accessible within your existing apps and workflows.
  • The ability to customize commands and shortcuts boosts productivity.
  • It serves a wide range of use cases from writing to programming to research.
  • While promising, over-reliance on AI should be balanced with developing personal skills.
  • Finito offers an easy way to augment human abilities with the power of AI.

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Figure 5: This mind map provides an overview of Finito, including its key features, advantages, disadvantages, and potential use cases.

Overall Recap:

Finito is a new Mac app that lets you harness advanced AI technology like ChatGPT directly within any application. It works by selecting text and using a keyboard shortcut to activate Finito's panel of AI commands. These include improving writing, generating ideas, answering questions, translating, and more.

One of Finito's key features is the ability to create custom commands tailored to your needs. While currently Mac-only, cross-platform versions are in development. Overall, Finito aims to seamlessly integrate powerful AI to augment human abilities.

Here is a summary table of the key sections in the article:

Section Summary
How Finito Works Select text in any app, press Control key to activate Finito panel, choose AI command, Finito processes text through ChatGPT and replaces with improved version.
Magical AI Commands Correct grammar, improve/shorten/expand text, summarize, generate ideas, translate languages, simplify vocabulary, answer questions.
Customize Finito Create own commands, shortcuts, integrations tailored to needs and workflows.
Currently Mac Only Available on macOS now, but Windows, iOS, Android versions coming soon.

Source Reference:

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Affiliate Disclaimer:

Kindly note that we may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our provided links. This does not influence our reviews and comparisons in any way. Our commitment is to maintain fairness and impartiality in all our evaluations, aiding you in making the most informed decision possible.


What apps does Finito work with?

Finito works with any application on Mac that allows text selection, including emails, documents, browsers, chats, and more.

How do I activate Finito?

Simply select the text you want to be improved by AI, then press the Control key on your keyboard to summon Finito's panel.

Can I create my own commands?

Yes, you can customize Finito with your own personalized commands, shortcuts, and integrations.

Is Finito available on Windows and mobile devices?

Finito is currently Mac-only, but Windows, iOS, and Android versions are in active development coming soon.

What AI does Finito use?

Finito is powered by advanced AI like ChatGPT for generating text improvements, ideas, translations, and answers.